Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Emergency Services in Laguna Niguel, CA

Roof leaks during rainy seasons can be hard, but with the help of SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL, if it's an emergency, we will be there as soon as possible. This is a photo of us immediately opening drywall on the ceiling and setting up air movers and a dehumidifier to start drying the affected area.

Soot in Trabuco Canyon, CA

To find out if they're is smoke damage around the home, we use a chem sponge. Do not be alarmed, they do not carry any chemicals in them. They do help remove soot from the walls ! We recommend not touching walls because the oils in your hand can permanently leave soot on the walls. So before you do anything after a fire CALL SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/ LAGUNA NIGUEL AT 949-472-8090

Fire in Lake Forest, CA

Fire leads play an important roll here at SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL, because we usually are onsite the same time the fire department is. We are able to work with them and typically check out damages so we can immediately begin work if we have to!

Moisture Content Readings in Trabuco Canyon, CA

SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL uses a moisture meter when conducting an equipment check up appointment, to check the progression of the materials being dried. Usually we take the high reading of a specific area, so other areas may be dried but we can still have patchy wet spots that need a  little extra drying time.

Wipe down in Malibu, CA

This photo shows that SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel we go above and beyond to clean and wipe down the walls and ceiling , even if they are high up like this vaulted ceiling is.

Vacuuming in Malibu, CA

Here at SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel, we like to clean up during and after our job is done. We always make sure to leave a home or commercial building better then when we first arrived!