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Emergency Services in Laguna Niguel, CA

Roof leaks during rainy seasons can be hard, but with the help of SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL, if it's an emergency, we will be there as soon as possible. This is a photo of us immediately opening drywall on the ceiling and setting up air movers and a dehumidifier to start drying the affected area.

Soot in Trabuco Canyon, CA

To find out if they're is smoke damage around the home, we use a chem sponge. Do not be alarmed, they do not carry any chemicals in them. They do help remove soot from the walls ! We recommend not touching walls because the oils in your hand can permanently leave soot on the walls. So before you do anything after a fire CALL SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/ LAGUNA NIGUEL AT 949-472-8090

Fire in Lake Forest, CA

Fire leads play an important roll here at SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL, because we usually are onsite the same time the fire department is. We are able to work with them and typically check out damages so we can immediately begin work if we have to!

Moisture Content Readings in Trabuco Canyon, CA

SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL uses a moisture meter when conducting an equipment check up appointment, to check the progression of the materials being dried. Usually we take the high reading of a specific area, so other areas may be dried but we can still have patchy wet spots that need a  little extra drying time.

Mold in Laguna Hills, CA

The water heater closet had a slow leak and mold begin to grow. You can see the severity and how mold can travel up walls just like water can. If this is what you see anywhere in your home, give SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/ LAGUNA NIGUEL a call at 949-472-8090 so that we can help with a mold remediation!

Elementary School in Laguna Niguel, CA

This elementary school had an emergency when one of their classrooms flooded with water. Here you can see one of our technicians using the extractor to vacuum up the water so we can get our drying equipment set up!

Toe Kick Removal in Lake Forest, CA

Sometimes toe kicks under cabinets have soaked up most of the water and other times there is water trapped underneath the cabinet the needs to be removed so to aid in drying we end up removing the toe-kicks.



Containment Barrier in Coto De Caza, CA

This containment barrier helps to seal the area off, where mold remediation is being conducted in. It helps by lessening the chances of spreading mold into other parts of the house.

CALL SERVPRO OF LAGUNA HILLS/LAGUNA NIGUEL if you think you may have mold!


Wipe down in Malibu, CA

This photo shows that SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel we go above and beyond to clean and wipe down the walls and ceiling , even if they are high up like this vaulted ceiling is.

Drilling Holes in Laguna Niguel, CA

Our goal is to usually do minimal demo, so to help ventilate the drywall we drill holes where the baseboards once were to air out the inside of the walls so we the dry-out is a lot more efficient!

CALL SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel for you water damage needs.


Retirement Home in Mission Viejo, CA

This retirement home was a little under construction, when the heavy rains leaked into the hallway from the drywall that the contractor had to remove for his own work. We extracted some water and set up some air movers and a dehumidifier.

Large Water Loss in Laguna Hills, CA

This building had multiple office that was affected from a pipe burst in the wall. It flooded many room and we went in and extracted all the water. This is a photo before we did the extraction you can see the standing water on the floor.

Mold Trouble in Laguna Hills, CA

This job was a little tricky, because the mold was tucked away behind the drywall that was shared with a bedroom and bathroom ! Usually we see mold on the outer layer and can be clearly visible, other times its like this where we have to remove non-salvageable drywall to find mold.

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Tarping in Laguna Niguel, CA

This was home that had a roof leak, requiring a tarp before the heavy rains comes back! We use heavy sand bags to keep the plastic down and prevent water from coming into the home!

Double Oven Fire in Mission Viejo, CA

This fire damage was caused by an oven that did some significant damage. It did cause some a lot of damage to the cabinet above. There was soot all through the house.

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel for your smoke damage needs!


Vacuuming in Malibu, CA

Here at SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel, we like to clean up during and after our job is done. We always make sure to leave a home or commercial building better then when we first arrived!

Wet Carpet in Mission Viejo, CA

This carpet was from a leak in the ceiling again, water coming out of light fixtures, it was a bad thunder storm. The carpet was drenched. We came in a extracted water and were able to make the homeowner feel better! If you suspect a leak or see water anywhere in your home where its not supposed to be , call us !

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Water Loss in Mission Viejo, CA

We know water losses can be very hectic, we take extra measures to not hurt your floors by protecting them with paper, so its something less to worry about!


Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Fire in Bathroom in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

This is a tub that was made out of fiber glass which is pretty flammable. Unfortunately, the daughter accidentally left a lit candle in the bathroom and the tub caught on fire. Luckily, the homeowner caught it fast enough but still did some damage.

Double Oven Fire in Laguna Niguel, CA

This is a result of a double oven catching on fire. Whether it'd be a gas line, like the one in the photo, or even an electric oven, FIRES still can happen. If you have fire or smoke damage give us a call and well be right there!

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Ceiling Damage in Laguna Hills, CA

This is visible water damage coming from the ceiling of a single story home. Check your ceilings after every storm to make sure there are no leaks in your attic that may affect your home! If you see water marks in your ceiling or see a leak after a rough storm call SERVPRO !

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Window Leak in Laguna Niguel, CA

Even when least expect it, storms can cause some serious damage. This is a leak coming from the window because the window sill was cracked and leaking. causing water damage the tenants didn't even know about. It ended up causing mold to grow under the carpet which we had to remove!

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Sink Trouble in Laguna Niguel, CA

The was caused by a loose supply line in the water filtration system. Just a little bit of water cn trigger mold spores to start growing, mold can look black or green!

If you think you have mold CALL SERVPRO.

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Lightning Strikes in Laguna Hills, CA

This is the result of a lighting strike at the top of someone's home. It struck and cause some severe damage to the ceiling and attic. Fortunately no one was hurt but this shows us that FIRE can happen at anytime, anywhere!


Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Mold Behind Drywall in Mission Viejo, CA

This was a water loss in Mission Viejo, CA, that came from a pipe behind the sink. Everything was a pretty normal water loss, until it came time to remove the drywall! There was no musty smell, maybe a slight odor. We found some mold! When things are wet for a while they tend to grow mold, we knew there was a possibility an just another great reason to remove wet non-salvageable drywall!

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Water Loss at Target in Mission Viejo, CA

Target had an accident where the fire sprinkler system went off, they called us and were there right away. A lot of the front entrance was affected by the sprinkler system going off. In this photo you can see how fast water can travel into the carpet. We came in and extracted water, and set up our equipment and allowed the dry out process to begin. We fortunately were able to stop the water from migrating and affecting more of the property. If you have a commercial water loss give us a call and well be there! 

Call SERVPRO of Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel at (949) 472-8090

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Mold in Trabuco Canyon, CA

This couple was out of town for a couple weeks and when they came back they noticed and odd odor. Looking around for this terrible musty smell, they found that they was mold in their downstairs hall closet caused by a pinhole leak in a pipe behind the wall that was being shared with the bathroom. When some thing is wet it can cause mold to form! SERVPRO comes in a takes care of this , mold remediation, is the process of cleaning up the mold in your home. Each home is different but usually is the same kind process of helping you get back to where things were like before ! "Like it never even happened."



Fire Damage in San Clemente, Ca

This photo shows soot on the walls, floors and ceiling that was caused by a fire that started in the kitchen. The fire didn't reach this room but the smoke was very heavy and did do some damage in this part of the home!



Water Damage In Laguna Niguel, Ca

A water damage caused water to wick up the walls, which meant the drywall had to be removed. Our machines are hard at work trying to dry out the framing studs. We were done in no time!



TEAM Players

All hands on deck working together to get it done and make it look " Like it never happened" in Laguna Hills, CA

Commercial Mold Remediation

Before Repairs after Water Damage

Affected drywall that was removed during a water emergency service from a toilet leak in the upstairs  master bathroom and it is now ready for the repairs - Laguna Hills, CA

Infrared Camera

Moisture inspection during water damage service. Using an infrared camera, can quickly expose wet area sites that are buried deep inside ceilings, inside walls and floors - San Juan Capistrano, Ca

Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Duplex Property - We can see here that a fire caused severe damages. This was due to faulty wiring in the duplex, fortunately no one was seriously hurt.    - Pomona, CA


We treat our customer with so much care! One of our own even got a handmade card from one of the customers daughters! Well done Team!


Commercial Fire at the 24 Hour Car Wash

Fires can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. This was an electrical fire which caused some severe fire damage at the 24 Hour Car Wash. Call us to help with your fire needs! - Lake Forest , CA

Emergency Response Program

SRVPRO is always a phone call away, we are a 24/7 team! Be prepared as disasters can always happen and they happen fast!  CALL US IF YOU HAVE A WATER EMERGENCY 949-472-8090