Commercial Photo Gallery

Elementary School in Laguna Niguel, CA

This elementary school had an emergency when one of their classrooms flooded with water. Here you can see one of our technicians using the extractor to vacuum up the water so we can get our drying equipment set up!

Large Water Loss in Laguna Hills, CA

This building had multiple office that was affected from a pipe burst in the wall. It flooded many room and we went in and extracted all the water. This is a photo before we did the extraction you can see the standing water on the floor.

Water Loss at Target in Mission Viejo, CA

Target had an accident where the fire sprinkler system went off, they called us and were there right away. A lot of the front entrance was affected by the sprinkler system going off. In this photo you can see how fast water can travel into the carpet. We came in and extracted water, and set up our equipment and allowed the dry out process to begin. We fortunately were able to stop the water from migrating and affecting more of the property. If you have a commercial water loss give us a call and well be there! 

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Water Damage In Laguna Niguel, Ca

A water damage caused water to wick up the walls, which meant the drywall had to be removed. Our machines are hard at work trying to dry out the framing studs. We were done in no time!



TEAM Players

All hands on deck working together to get it done and make it look " Like it never happened" in Laguna Hills, CA

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial Fire at the 24 Hour Car Wash

Fires can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. This was an electrical fire which caused some severe fire damage at the 24 Hour Car Wash. Call us to help with your fire needs! - Lake Forest , CA