Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Laguna Beach, CA

You can see the pre-mitigation photo posted has a lot of water damage. This damage was actually caused by a storm drain that had overflowed near by directly int... READ MORE

Rainstorm leak in Aliso Viejo, CA

In Aliso Viejo, a home had a roof leak that seeped down and around two windows. We assessed the situation and decided the drywall should be removed from ceiling... READ MORE

Basement Trouble in Medford, Oregon

While in Medford, Oregon we got a call that a storm has leaked from upstairs into the basement. The insulation was soaked after removing the drywall from the ce... READ MORE

Damaged Walk in Closet in Laguna Hills, Ca

This loss was caused by a leaky roof by a bad storm in Oregon. It had leaked through the roof and into the master bedroom closet. We went and removed the damage... READ MORE

Medford, Oregon Storm Damage

Medford, Oregon storm event caused a pipe to burst behind this closet. Water had pooled in front of the closet doors causing discoloration and the carpet to del... READ MORE

Oregon Storm Event - Burst Pipes

Our emergency response team was dispatched to Medford, Oregon. A bad storm event had caused this homeowners pipe to burst above their kitchen. The before photo ... READ MORE